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The House of ...Hilarious, You Say?

CV3000 is the arbiter of football style. The Dude has good taste in football. His knowledge is power. Today, he plumbs new depths of the college football underworld & subculture to discuss marketing and style and to help you become a more knowledgeable college football fan, so your knowledge can be power.

Here at BtD, we like marketing. But we really love BAD marketing.

5th Place & Obnoxiously Self-Aggrandizing College has had some true, first ballot, Embarrassing Marketing Hall of Fame entrants -- it's been a Shock-and-Bleh Bombardment for years. Who can forget such timeless classics as:

  • Tire track print on knee & shoulder areas
  • Nazi-style band uniforms
  • Whatever a "Ghost flame" is
  • The invention of Grellow

Clearly, their roster is deep.

As difficult as it is for us to believe, they may have stepped it up a notch this time--they may have found their dial's 11.

WHAT is BtD talking about, you ask?

It seems that some meddling, 5th Place & Obnoxiously Self-Aggrandizing College fans have taken it to a whole 'nother level, by creating:

a company, a website, and a nickname that is just way too easily made fun of.

"One's ability to put something on a T-shirt is a great opportunity for personal expression. The concept ... comes from exactly that. We at RUXXE are Duck fans. We had an idea of ... a t-shirt so that we as individuals could express our appreciation for the reputation that embodies AUTZEN (OSU Alumni) Stadium."

-something calling itself ( being taken)

The blank canvas of a T-shirt is rather inviting....

Here's some designs that we came up with to commemorate only their MOST RECENT home games against conference opponents. These are only offered in this limited edition run, as the next round robin is sure to bring us more designs: