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NOBODY Wants to Play for the Huskies!

By now we've all heard the news: Tyrone Willingham is up to his headset in dawg doodoo.  Just how bad is it for the Montlake Monarch who is 0-fer OSU?


images via, (but we had the genius idea of putting them right next to each other)'s bad.  Consider UW beat writer, Molly Yanity's recent report:

The Washington football team got a triple helping of bad news Monday when academic and legal issues marred the team's opening day of camp.

Triple helpings are good if it's ice cream....

Last season's leading tackler, linebacker E.J. Savannah, is academically ineligible, coach Tyrone Willingham said.

...not quite as good when one of the helpings is your leading tackler.

The coach, who is facing a make-or-break season after going 11-25 in three seasons, would elaborate on neither the specifics of Savannah's academic troubles nor a timeline of the Bellevue High product's return.

Willingham called Savannah's absence "indefinite," and said former walk-on Josh Gage, a 6-foot-2, 226-pound junior, will open camp at the top of the depth chart at weak-side linebacker.

Willingham said Savannah would return to the team if his academic standing improves, but his broken arm, at present, would still hold up his progress on the field.

That's too bad.  I bet his broken arm makes it harder to study and take notes and stuff.  How did he break it?

Savannah broke the humerus bone in his left arm in May. Apparently, the injury occurred while Savannah was arm-wrestling.

 Don't laugh.  It could happen to anyone.


Let me guess: Stallone turned his hat backwards? 

OK.  That's not so bad.  We can live with a broken arm.  What else?



Backup tight end Chris Izbicki from Kirkland's Lake Washington High is facing a legal process after being charged with criminal trespass in the second degree and minor in possession of liquor after an incident at the KUBE Summer Jam July 20 at the White River Amphitheater.

Hey, MIPs are no biggie.  We've all been there!

A police report said Izbicki recorded a .241 blood-alcohol level after being administered a breath test after attempting to enter a restricted VIP area.

Really?  That's impressive. I didn't know they had .242-and up-VIP areas in Seattle.

How do we get a # ".241" puppy jersey?  Will they be carrying them in the UW bookstore, or will we have to make our own?

Because we will.

Finally, incoming freshmen Senio Kelemete, a defensive lineman, and Vince Taylor, a defensive back, are not on the camp's initial roster as they attempt to get an academic green light from the NCAA Clearinghouse.

It's okay.  There's only two, right?  It's not THAT bad, is it?

Is it?

They are two of five incoming freshmen not at camp.

Oh!  It is worse. Even more Huskies don't want to be Huskies.

So that's only 9 players out of 85 who go there and don't want to play for the UW.  

And we're completely avoiding the whole recruiting scene at the Kennel Club, that's a whole 'nother issue: players who don't go there and don't want to go to the UW.

Look on the bright side, doggies: there's still 76 "playmakers" left who do want to play...until Jake Locker decides he's had enough of the Montlake morass and once again makes the choice to turn his head towards the sideline -- to chicken out  --instead of putting his hat on Al Afalava...unless he doesn't long enough to play against the human missile?

Can you blame them for wanting to play on something other than the worst team in the conference?