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Quick! Join the Building the Dam Pick 'Em Game!

We are excited to announce a new feature here at Building the Dam: we will be running a college football blog pick 'em contest.

Let's find out who is really the best Pac-10 pigskin prognosticator! 

League Details:

Sign UpJoin our game here. It's completely free to play.

Make your picks: The pool is open for business now and is ready for ALL of you to join. The first picks are due by August 30th - so sign up now. (Note: Since Oregon State plays today (yes folks, that's today) this week, they will not be included in this week's games)

Come back each week...: Each week we'll have about 6-8 games for you to pick - we'll be picking the winners only - no spreads - but you'll also have to assign confidence points to your picks.  If you're right, you'll get the amount of confidence points you assigned to a game.

...for the whole season: The pool will run the whole regular season, concluding on December 6th with, among other games, the conference championship games. Let's get as many of you signed up as we can, and find out who really is the best armchair quarterback.

If you've already signed up, click here to go to the main page and log in.

But if not, click here to join in on the party!

Picks are due by this Saturday!