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The Venue- Stanford Stadium

To give you a taste of what gameday will feel like in Palo Alto, here's some brief information on Stanford Stadium. If you'll be attending the game, we'd love to hear your first hand account. Post it in the FanPost section if you feel so inclined, or send an e-mail to so we can chat.

Stanford Stadium received a complete facelift after the 2005 season, in which the old stadium was torn to the ground and a new $100 million facility was erected on top of it-- all in the span of 42 months.



New Stanford Stadium is now considered one of the premier college football stadiums in the country, although it ranks 58th nationally in seating capacity at 50,033. In the second year of the new stadium's operation, the Cardinal averaged crowds of 39,332, the second lowest total in the Pac-10 (only Washington State had a lower average). Also, new Staford Stadium has never expereinced a sellout.

The lack of fans has promoted the Stanford athletic department to emply a "Gridiron Gurantee"-- an offer that give fans the option for their season ticket purchase to be refunded if they feel they didn't get their money's worth.

About the Gridiron gurantee, Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh said: "It's good motivation for us, but that motivation is already there. We definitely want to give fans their money's worth."

Old Stanford Stadium, built in 1921, enjoyed a rich 84 year history. The stadium had 85,500 seats, and was home to such historic events as Herbert Hoover's acceptance of the Republican presidential nomination in 1928, the 1985 Super Bowl and the 1994 World Cup. The new stadium has about 35,000 fewer seats but more modern facilities, of course. However, it still maintains much of the origional spirit.


The most notable change in the rennovation was the removal of the track. Fans are now positioned "eight lanes" close to the action, and as one fan said, "no longer need binoculars". The fense that previously separated fans in the front rows from the field is also gone as well.

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