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It's YOUR turn

It's a long season, and we were already thin at the blogger position, even before we had to release CV3000 indefinitely for a violation of team rules. Now that he is gone, (he survived for three weeks, believe it or not), we're turning to YOU!

Do YOU have an interesting take on Beaver Sports you'd like to share? 


That's right folks. If you think you'd make a worthy addition to the Building the Dam front page this season, send a kind e-mail to and we can begin contract negotiations. 

Now, don't let geography hinder you. We'd love it if you were in Corvallis, but there's plenty you can do from Portland, France, Madagascar, or wherever you may be reading this.

Former Lamaar Cons. High School pal of Jacquizz Rodgers? Did you bully Mike Riley back in grade school? Are you still sore because of a hit you took from Al Afalava back in high school? Don't worry, knowledgeable average Joes are welcome as well.

Oh, and by the way, we would especially love to add an Oregon State student or perhaps a current athlete to our roster.

Think about it. Again, here's the e-mail address.

Five days till Stanford.