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Prose on Pros: Matt Moore via Cat Scratch Reader

In an effort to keep you up to date on former Beaver Greats making a living in professional sports, we bring you this status report on Carolina Panther quarterback Matt Moore, courtesy of Jack Finney at  Cat Scratch Reader.

One: Using a movie, describe your team this season. Who is Matt Moore playing in this blockbuster?

The Comeback Kid (that's a movie right?), starring Jake Delhomme as Comeback Player of the Year, Julius Peppers as NFL Defensive MVP and RB [aka 1 yard short-ed.] as Rookie of the Year. It has a happy ending. Matt Moore plays the guy holding the clipboard on the sideline who signals the plays in and provides some comic relief. [uh, didn't he win a few games as a starter last year? -ed.]

Two: What past or current player does Matt Moore remind you of, and why?

Steve Beuerlein, from the way he stands fairly upright in the pocket and they both have a long neck. 


Huh, you're right. Never noticed that before....


Three: In the Carolina Panther kitchen, what spice, condiment, or utensil is Matt Moore and why?

Baby Spice, because he still has that youthful enthusiasm and I can't remember any other spice girl names, except Posh (I wonder why?)

Four: If you were GM for a day and Matt Moore demanded a trade, giver us your most realistic, fair-value trade for this player and that would benefit your team the most.

I'd like to think I could get a 2nd rounder in 2009 for him, but the actual value is probably much lower. Since he's a UDFA his value is more around 5th or 6th rounder. The Panthers are better off keeping him another season to see if he blossoms into a sure-fire starter. He could be good trade bait or if Jake should retire a little early he could jump in.

Five: What is the most amount of money you would pay to try to tackle, be tackled by, or play catch with Matt?

I'd buy the beer to play catch.

Six: What is the signature play of Matt Moore's career with the Panthers? Describe it in as much detail as possible. Also, were you there?

Matt Moore's Panther highlight in my view is the victory over the Seahawks late last season. No one play stands out, but I remember he played very well. I unfortunately was not there.


We know that if this question read "what was the signature play of Matt Moore's career, you would have said his stint playing backup to Tony Romo in Dallas. That was special.

Seven: If Matt missed the team bus and was standing by the side of the road on gameday, would you give him a ride? 

Hell yeah, unless he was wearing a Bucs jersey!


But still, how could you say no to that?

Seven-A: What if it was a road game-what is the farthest away road stadium that you would drive him to, personally? Please take into account the consequences for the number of days work you would probably miss.

Whichever game was next. You get an offer like that you don't get picky! Seattle isn't out of the question depending whether he's willing to help drive.

Eight: Do you expect Matt to improve, level off, or regress this year, and why?

I expect Matt Moore to show significant improvement this season but unfortunately it may be strictly in mop up roles. Matt Moore's biggest problem in Carolina is that Jake Delhomme still has several more seasons left in him, he's only 33.  I'm thinking that you have to recognize that Jake is adored in Panther Nation having taken them to the SB in 2003. If Moore continues to improve, I can't see him pulling a Jim Sorgi, he will want to go where he can start. He still has a ways to go to match Jake's knowledge, execution of the offense and the accuracy on his passes. Overall, I think Matt will show that he can perform at the NFL level and help win games.

Thanks, Jack! Check out Cat Scratch Reader for all you'll need to know on the Carolina Panthers and Matt Moore.