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>>TWEEET!<< TV Timeout!

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TWO interesting things have happened in the last day with media coverage for OSU, and BOTH of them are positive.


  1. We won't have to listen to him cry when calls go against oregon on games he is broadcasting.
  2. We won't have to listen to him complain when Oregon State is winning, and especially against oregon--who can forget the sound of Dan Fout's voice when James Rodgers was putting Patrick Chung in his rearview mirror?  
  3. Actually, let's give credit to Fouts: the man is no Joe Giansante, who ACTUALLY cried IN THE PRESSBOX after the ducks lost to the Beavers in 2000.  Jeepers.
  4. Hey, at least neither of them are as bad as Jerry Allen at any given moment. 
  • KEZI has struck upsome kind of marketing and video editing deal with Oregon State. I'm not sure how this will affect the majority of us Beaver fans in Portland, but this is still hilarious.  KEZI doesn't want to work with the local team anymore, so they pick up the superior program instead.  They're going to be doing some video production and various things that sound fun, including videoboard production inside the stadium and producing a coaches show for FSN--so, there's something outside of the stadium for Portland fans. 

Now there will be more Beaver highlights on the nightly news in Eugene, I guess.  Which is good.  I can remember watching Eugene news stations from time to time while going to school (we could pick between Portland or Eugene stations with our bunny ears back in the day) and wanting to slit my wrists to the lopsided coverage they gave the Beavers. 

It was always surprising to me that they willfully alienated so many of the viewers in their broadcast area.  Then again, (noted douchebag) Joe Giansante was working for them.  So it's not really surprising how provincial the sportscasting was down inside the little green bubble.  They've come a long way this week.