Pac10 in Fives (cont)

To start us off, we'll do some *other* top 5s

Top 5 Pac10 Stadiums

1. Autzen Stadium, UO

I hate admitting it, but Autzen is a sweet stadium and an unclassy crowd (no offense, it makes for a great football crowd). And besides, if I didn't admit Autzen as #1, I'd probably be raped and murdered next time I was in Eugene.

2. Husky Stadium, UW

Maybe not of late, but have any of you ever been to Husky Stadium when the Huskies are even mediocre? The place gets wild and loud, and probably would take over Autzen as the loudest stadium. 20,000 more people than Autzen helps. Plus, how gorgeous is that view of the water?

3. Rose Bowl, UCLA

Does this really need an explanation? The only issue I've ever had with UCLA playing in the Rose Bowl is a stadium 2/3 full. But UO fans will joke that 2/3 full in a 100,000 seat stadium is better than 2/3 full Bean Burrito Potato Salad Turkey Jerky Stadium.

4. The Coliseum, USC

Just walking into the run down stadium gives you chills down your spine as you think of all the greats that used to play here. Then seeing the retired jerseys reminds you. Then you hear the band play the worst, or best, song in the Pac10, depending on who you ask.

5. Martin Stadium, WSU

People may make fun, but hear me out. I know it's small (even I, a Beaver fan and resident of Reser Stadium remarked that we were playing at Pullman High School). But the close quarters of the stadium and the always sold out atmosphere makes for a fun and sometimes chilling experience. Not to mention playing in Pullman during Nov is super chilling (literally). When the Cougs are good, the stadium is top notch.


Top 5 Tailgating Experiences


Tailgating at the Rose Bowl, on a golf course, in Sunny Southern Cal, what could be better?

2. Arizona State

75,000 fans, good food, gorgeous weather, and the local, ahem, "scenery" (aka Co Eds for those sarcastically retarded), make for a fun tailgating experience, which is sometimes better than the actual game, until last year.

3. Washington

Have you ever tailgated on a boat, then walked to the game? Me neither, but I bet it would be fun.

4. Oregon

The entire tailgating area right in front of Autzen is the closest thing the Pac10 has to "The Grove" at Ole Miss. I would have put it higher, but I've been giving UO too much damn credit on my blog, and it's starting to make me sick. HA

5. Oregon State

Honestly, didn't know who else to put here. Have never tailgated at Cal or Stanford. Would imagine tailgating in Watts isn't too much fun (SC). WSU has too many parking lots and the tailgating is spread out. UA is well just UA. So GO BEAVS!

Ok now to the actual football stuff

Top 5 Defensive Lines

1. USC

Anyone want to complain about this? Because USC is going to be #1 or #2 at every position. If you do complain, you're an idiot.

2. Oregon State

Returns top 2 sack leaders from last year, gets #1 JUCO D-End, should be solid yet again.

3. Arizona State

Solid group returning for one of the conference's better teams. DLine last year was one of the reason ASU was so successful when they gave up 55 sacks.

4. Oregon

Bend but don't break DLine. Many yards against last year came from passing, but rush defense was solid. It's the reason they could score so much.

5. Cal

Look for their defense to be one of the reasons the team bounces back.


Top 5 Linebacker Corp

1. USC

Seriously, don't complain. Shut up. Now.

2. Stanford

Probably the most experienced of any of the teams not named USC.

3. Cal

Good linebackers last year weren't the reason for their demise. They will be the reason for their upswing. Watch out for the 3-4 defense this year causing havoc to all Pac10 teams.

4. Oregon

Only up here because of experience, not sure how good the guys actually are. Same with...


One of the few bright spots on their teams


Top 5 Secondaries

1. Oregon

Even though I'm tempted NOT to put them here, they have the most "big" names of any team. I want to argue that they gave up a ton of passing yards last year, but a lot of the time teams were behind by a lot and were throwing on every down. Won't be that way this year, we'll see how the team does.

2. USC

Could be #1, and probably will be by the end of the year, but for now, chock them here.

3. Oregon State

A ton of experience, no big names. Mean hitters and leadership are what define this secondary.

4. Arizona

Lost Casoine, but picked up a talented freshman to fill in. Other than that, they will have plenty of chances to prove themselves this year.

5. Pick Em


It was hard to pick this year's defense because I feel like a lot was lost to graduation or the draft from last year. I imagine that the Pac10 will again have solid defenses all around.

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