Pac10 in Fives

Saw this at Louisville's blog, so I figured I'd give it a try.

Top 5 Non-Conference Games

1. USC v Ohio State, Sept 13

Does this one really need an explanation?

2. Arizona State v Georgia, Sept 20

One of the Pac10's best last year versus one of the nation's best this year

3. Oregon State @ Penn State, Sep 6

Could this finally be the early season game that OSU wins to prove itself?

4. Washington v Oklahoma, Sep 13

Huge game for Ty Willingham's job; does a close loss earn the fans' respect? Doubtful

5. Cal v Michigan State, Oct 30

A chance for Cal to rebound from last year's disaster with a win over an improving program


Top 5 Conference Games

1. USC v Cal, Nov 8

Cal will rebound this year, and this could decide the Pac10's champion

2. Oregon State v Oregon, Nov 29

I might be a little biased here, but very well could determine 3rd place in the Pac10, and potentially a Holiday Bowl birth

3. Arizona State @ Cal & @USC, Oct 4/10

Back to back weeks at two of the Pac10's best could prove whether ASU are contenders or pretenders

4. Cal v Washington, Dec 6

May be the game that determines Ty Willingham's fate


Top 5 QBs

1. Jake Locker, UW

2,000 yards passing, and the conference's leading returning rusher, on the conference's worst team. We can only imagine what he would be doing if he were in Eugene

2. Willie Tuitama, UA

Despite his constant concussions, he threw for over 3600 yards (62%) and 28 TDs last year, on one of the conference's worst teams. I bet UCLA is wishing they had him.

3. Rudy Carpenter, ASU

Found his freshman year swagger last year (thank you Dennis?), throwing for over 3,200 yards and 25 TDs. All while getting sucked upwards of 1,000 times. If the OLine improves, he could be in the running for #1 QB in the Pac10

4. Mark Sanchez, USC

Stepped in nicely for JDB last year when he was hurt. Threw for 60% and had a QB rating of 123. If he cuts down on the interceptions (5 last year in limited time), look for USC to win the Pac10 yet again

5. Mitch Mustain, USC

Lack of QB depth in the Pac10 this year (or unknowns, ahem I refuse to put Costa in here when he hasn't play significantly) allows me to put the backup here. Threw for close to 900 yards and 10 TDs in split time as a freshman at Arkansas. Oh yeah, and he was 10-0, and led Ark to the SEC Title Game.


Top 5 RBs

1. Stafon Johnson, USC

Averaged 6.9 yards a carry last year and ran for 5 TDs. Will probably split time this year with...

2. Joe McKnight, USC

As a true freshman, displayed Reggie Bush-esque signs of greatness. The complete skill football player. Expect another good season from him

3. Jeremiah Johnson, UO

Filled a good role for UO with JStew. Average 6.4 YPC and had 5 TDs. Expect better stats from him now that he is the go-to guy.

4. Keegan Herring, ASU

Ran for over 800 yards and 5 TDs while splitting time with Ryan Torrain. An improved team should help his stats.

5. Nic Grigsby, UA

Underclassman who ran for 700 yards last year. If the offense is gonna improve like Ted Miller thinks they are, then look for him to improve as well.


Top 5 WRs

1. Mike Thomas, UA

1,000 yards and 11 TDs last year, the short receiver from UA is quickly becoming Tuitama's go-to guy

2. Sammie Stroughter, OSU

In 2006, he led the Pac10 in receptions and receiving yards, while catching 5 TDs. He's back for his final year and is the focal point of an offense that will be more dynamic.

3. Mike Jones, ASU

769 yards last year, but more importantly 10 TDs. Huge part of Carpenter's success.

4. Jaison Williams, UO

Would be higher on this list, but he drops waaaaaay too many balls. I hear they call him 50/50 in Eugene (you can figure out what that means)

5. Patrick Turner, USC

Tall, lanky, fast. If he doesn't drop so many balls, look for him to be one of the top receivers statistically in the Pac10. If not, plug in here Damien Williams from USC.


Top 5 Offensive Lines

1. USC

All American after All American. When is the nonsense from USC going to stop?

2. Oregon State

Has one of the meanest (Jeremy Perry) and one of the most fundamentally sound (Adam Speer) OLineman in the Pac10. Not to mention the great coaching staff. If this line stays healthy, watch out. If it doesn't, uh-oh.

3. Oregon

Senior Max Unger headlines an offensive line that helped Dennis Dixon become a Heisman trophy contender. They're going to need to do the same to help their inexperienced QB get some confidence early on.

4. Cal

Part of the meltdown, I believe, was due to Cal's injuries on the Offensive Line. I imagine Tedford has now addressed this.

5. The rest are all pretty inexperienced and/or crappy.


I'll try and do the defense/special teams tomorrow unless someone else wants to take it on!



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