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Pac-10 Power Rankings- 10 Day Countdown Edition

Here is our Power Ranking, based on what we know at this point in Fall Camp.  And by "what we know," we mean: how inadvisable it might be to share towels with them. 


(last week)




However, this Sun Devils team truly reminds us of:

"Oregon State, 2001: A Hype Odyssey."



Mike Riley has won 10 straight games with more than one week to prepare.  In camp, the offense is ripe with playmakers, showing that last years' low output was a fluke.  Reporters say the defense is the fastest they've ever covered, and faster than last year's great defense.



 Massive Jock-Itch epidemic via too-tight nike shorts is testing depth chart more than the loss of their starting QB for a month.   Without knowing specifics on which 25% of the roster is effected, dropping them down two spots is the only thing appropriate about this whole story.

We expect their crotch rot to get worse before it gets better.



They didn't try very hard last year, but Dumpster Muffin is a powerful motivational speaker: "Living in a tree, down by the stadium."



This team is more talented straight-up-the-middle on offense and defense than all teams ranked below them this week.  Their Nose guard was compared to Sedrick Ellis last year, but has lost 20 pounds to become quicker.  And, this guy is back from injury.



We had them 5th last week, based on them finishing 5th last year, and also having a 9-9 record in conference over the last two years--a program that is as average as it gets.  However, considering all of their hopes are based upon Nate Costa NOT playing quarterback like 1st time starters always play quarterback, we really have to slide them down a spot ...after laughing in their general direction.



Agile 6'7" quarterbacks don't grow on trees.  We'd like to move them up one spot just for realizing that theirs should be playing, and ahead of a team that doesn't get it.




Despite a tight end playing guard and the likelihood of a wide receiver needing to play quarterback, they still have a great defense.  We rated them way, way, way too low last week. 



 Jake Locker returning from a hamstring injury is more of a reminder of how close they are to having absolutely no reason for optimism. 



We've heard rumors that Mike Stoops has backed off on his idea that he is a defensive genius, and that he's not as much of a (lawyers) this year.  This kind of reminds us of Tom Coughlin's changes before last season with the NY Football Giants ...minus the good players.