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It begins NOW

It's 2:00, Friday, August 1. It's an overcast, damp day in the Valley. But weather doesn't really matter.

The 2008 season begins now.

CV3000 will be in Corvallis today to take in the first day of practice. If you ask nicely, I bet he'll share his thoughts upon his return.

There's a lot of questions heading into fall camp, notably:

  • Moevao and Afalava have stopped eating rice. Will they still be able to hit like they did in 2007? (see links)
  • What will the offensive line look like? Perry says he's healthy, but will that hold up? Who is going to play Right Tackle? And will Marcus Henderson be able to take over for departed Kyle DeVan at Center?
  • Moevao or Canfield? Canfield or Moevao? Katz? Moevao? Canfield? Sim? Moevao! No, Canfield! You get the idea, although the heavyweights are Moevao (er... he's a lightweight) and Canfield.
  • Will the defensive front seven be able to produce respectable numbers? How well will the new linebackers work together?
  • Who the hell is going to punt? Please make it someone who is going to average more than 31.7 yards per punt... I don't want to go through that again. Only the basketball team is allowed to rank over 100th in the nation in something.