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Morning Orange Juice, 7.31.08

Some quick things before I head out to the golf course this morning:

We learned yesterday that Oregonian sports columnist Brian Meehan died from complications following heart surgery at the age of 57. I first heard the news listening to John Canzano's "The Bald Faced Truth" radio show yesterday when Canzano asked his listeners to list their "bucket lists" and encouraged them to go get it done. Listen to the segment here.


The OC Register takes a look at some of Rick Neuheisel's quotes asking, "did he really say that?". 


After doing some research on the Penn State football program and hearing all the Brett coverage 24/7, this post seems satisfying


Look, it's Ted Miller! Talking Pac-10 football in a video with Heather Dinich (where did she come from?). 


We're one day away from Fall Camp....