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Morning Orange Juice, 7.30.08

Cliff released a list of walk-ons with Oregon High School affiliations today. Among those on the list are three reserve quarterbacks (Sim, Engstrom, Anderson) and two punters (Johnny Hekker, Sean Sehnem). Offensive Lineman Mike Remmers, who has a chance to start at Right Tackle, is also on the list.


Buker has a story in the Oregonian today that nicely wraps up a conversation Coach Riley had with the media yesterday. Among Riley's biggest concerns is the offensive line, which is consistent with what he's been saying all along. You'll also want to check out the front page of the sports section for a cute four-way photo shoot of Coach Riley. Thanks to Thomas Boyd for that.


Why is the "Inside USC" blog posting crap like this? That picture is open for interpretation, I guess. . . 


Conquest Chronicles suggests that the Trojans and the Bruins could start wearing their home jerseys in the rivalry games again as soon as next year. 


The boys over at the WSU Football blog seem to have a slight obsession with ESPN's Ted Miller. Okay, maybe more than a slight obsession.


Enjoy the calm before the storm while it lasts....