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Morning Orange Juice, 7.29.08

Not much for you here this morning, but a few things:


Outrage! Ted Miller has ranked the Top 5 most bitter rivalries in the Pac-10, and the Civil War is not one of them. Can you believe it? Oregon vs. Washington AND the Apple Cup even rank higher. Ted's rankings go like this:

  1. USC v. UCLA
  2. Arizona v. Arizona State
  3. Oregon v. Washington
  4. California v. Stanford
  5. Washington v. Washington State
If it were me casting the ballot, it would be something like this:
  1. USC v. UCLA
  2. California v. Stanford
  3. Oregon v. Oregon State
  4. Washington v. Washington State
  5. Oregon v. Washington
But that's me. I'd love to hear your ballot in the comment thread below.

While we're talking about Ted Miller, he ranks Oregon State as the Pac-10's Seventh most hated team, only more hated than Arizona, Washington State, and Stanford. USC comes in at numero uno of course, and the Ducks are a close second for obvious reasons.
(7) Oregon State:  Again, being good is a big reason the Beavers went from lovable losers to hateable winners. There is another pmosart though: Let's just say OSU's reputation is to play -- and deliver hard hits -- right up to the echo of the whistle. And maybe a few moments more. That would count for more if coach Mike Riley wasn't such an easy-going guy.

Addicted to Quack user 'jtlight' has ATQ's Pac-10 ballot. The Beavers come in at #5, because "They will not be blowing many people away, but after some huge losses at Penn State and against USC, they will settle in and do fairly well in the Pac 10". 

Oregon's scoreboard is coming along.


Enjoy your rainy day in the Pacific Northwest.