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New Game Jerseys for 2008

We've been through a lot-- orange pants, last year's sports bras-- but now Nike and the OSU Athletic Department are trying to give us the best of all worlds with Oregon State's 2008 game jerseys:



From the official release:

Corvallis, Ore - Nike, Inc. has updated the Oregon State University football uniform for the 2008 season bringing back the history and heritage of the school. The new Oregon State jersey will be available for fans to purchase by Aug. 28 before the first game at Stanford and can be ordered in advance through the new game-day and online apparel store for Oregon State Athletics - Beaver Authentics. Please note there is no change in the helmet or game pants.

The new design has been moved up to this season as part of a first step in a series of upcoming uniform identity plans that will be rolled out over time to visualize the hallmark values of Oregon State Athletics as a tough, hardworking and gritty program. The approach will be classic, simple and innovative.

The Nike designed uniforms will continue to have the latest in technology available

Personally, I'm not digging these jerseys until I see them on a player with pads. I don't like how plain they look, I liked the excitement on last year's digs. However, this "improvement" should make many of the "sports bra haters" happy.

Your thoughts??