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Morning Orange Juice, 7.28.08

At last Thursday's Pac-10 Media Day, Gazette-Times reporter Cliff Kirkpatrick had a chance to sit down with OSU head coach Mike Riley for an interview. In the interview, we learn a little bit about where Riley's been over the summer, and his concerns for the team. A brief excerpt:

G-T: What are your concerns going into the season?

RILEY: "I think solidifying some spots, some real key growth in the offensive line in fall camp. That's big. Getting continued growth of the front seven on defense and the backups so we can continue to play a number of people defensively. A big concern in a general way is getting a good start. We have to get out of the gate fast. We play Stanford right away in a conference game, which is weird."

G-T: How do you do that?

RILEY: "We have to try to solidify the parts you want to be your identity, try to make a good assessment of what you have and then focus on what enhances your team. You have to do that earlier. And then get a lot of repetition."

Check out the full interview for the rest. And while you're at it, you can check out CK's general thoughts from Media Day as well.

Alex Parker returns to Oregon State as our new Compliance Director. The official release is here. This bullet probably doesn't mean that much to you, but Alex has a tough job. Welcome back to Beaver Nation!


Projected Duck starter Kevin Garrett was suspended immediately and indefinitely by Mike Bellotti. 


If you're looking for a good Notre Dame induced laugh, check out this YouTube video. Hat tip to Sunday Morning Quarterback.