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Burning Question #3: Quarterback


via OregonLive and the Gazette-Times

Perhaps the most interesting and most talked-about storyline of fall camp will be the quarterback position.

After fluctuation behind center to start the 2007 season, all we hoped for was that the season would determine which sophomore quarterback would lead us through the 2008 and 2009 seasons. A year later, we have two junior quarterbacks and a better idea, but the problem isn't solved yet.

Lyle Moevao will be the starter heading into camp. Sean Canfield is coming off of shoulder surgery, and will have his work cut out for him to get the job back. After barely throwing any passes over the summer, one would think that Sean is a step behind Lyle. That's why, in my opinion, it's Lyle's position to lose.

Sean Canfield got the most playing time last season, throwing about 140 more passes than Lyle Moevao. However, I would bet that Beaver Nation was more impressed with Lyle Moevao. After all, Canfield was 5-4 as a starter, and Moevao was 4-0. Although Canfield won the Cal game, Moevao's four wins (Washington, Washington State, Oregon, Maryland) were more impressive than Canfield's five (Utah, Idaho State, Arizona, Cal, Stanford).

Jonathan Smith, Derek Anderson, and Matt Moore all improved greatly between their first and second year. It's time for history to repeat itself.

Unless Ryan Katz, Justin Engstrom, or Brennan Sim have a sensational fall, they will serve as the backups this season.

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