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Media Day Copy and Paste

As you know, I was away from the computer yesterday during media day. Here's what Mike Riley and Brandon Hughes said, verbatim, from the official Pac-10 release:

Oregon State Head Coach Mike Riley
Opening Remarks: "I'm excited to be here, represent Oregon State and be with Brandon Hughes who is a great great guy and was just elected a team captain. We have a lot of shoes to fill. Defensively, we lose virtually everyone in the front seven. The offensive line going into camp is an unknown. The running back situation will be entering new territory without Yvenson Bernard, one of the finest players I've ever coached, but we have good candidates there."

On the quarterback situation: "Lyle Moevao will take the first snaps, he is basically the starter going in. There will be competition there. A year ago we sat here and we told you we were breaking new quarterbacks in and my goal was to have two quarterbacks who could play. I think throughout this process, we now have two guys that can play. I'm proud of Sean's [Canfield] rehab work. I think those two guys have handled it tremendously well. Lyle ended up coming in and starting and won four games so he'll take that nod but I'm glad we have both of those guys."

On the return of Sammie Stroughter: "It's great to have Sammie back, I'm very thankful he was granted that year. He is just a great young man. He, like Brandon, is another one of our team captains. He had a great offseason, great spring practice and he is really ready go to. He is thankful for this year."

Oregon State CB Brandon Hughes
On Stroughter: "To have him back is a blessing just because of his personality. He is an A+ guy all around. He commands respect. Just for me to come in and play side by side with him my freshman year until now, it's been a tremendous blessing. It was tough to see him go through what he went through. He's a benefit to our team, to the Beaver Nation and I'm excited to see what he can do on the field this season."

See, not that exciting. Did we learn anything new here? Don't think so.

DIscuss if you wish.