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Carter goes east, Beavers move forward

2114205_mediumBy now you've probably heard that former Oregon State center Sean Carter is headed for UMass.

While his height, quickness, and overall "upside" will be missed, Carter became a nusiance towards the end of the season. Maybe it's a good thing that he's parting ways with the Beavers.

Also, he's from the east coast, so maybe it's a good thing for him and his family that he's moving back.

As a freshman, Carter averaged 15 minutes per game  with three points and two boards. His season high of 15 came against the Portland Pilots in one of Oregon State's six wins on the season. His Pac-10 high was six points against USC on February 23.

But Sean will likely be remembered for what he did off the court. Sean and teammate Marcel Jones were involved in taunting several Washington players after a practice on February 15. This led to the famous "cell phone incident", in which Marcel Jones made the Jim Rome show by saying that the Huskies beating was "waiting in the parking lot".... or something to that extent. The Huskies went on to win that game 97-59.

Both Marcel Jones and Sean Carter wound up in street clothes at the end of the bench for February 21's game against UCLA. The Beavers would lose that one 84-49. 

Sean was suspended again March 2 for yet another "violation of team rules". This probably had to do with missing a class or an incident in practice, but coach Mouton never said. 

Although Sean's numbers weren't outstanding this season, you have to remember that he was a freshman being thrown up against Pac-10 post players like the Lopez twins and Kevin Love. Not bad, for a guy who says Rasheed Wallace was his role model growing up. Now it all makes sense.

Carter will have three years of eligibility remaining after he sits one season out with the Minutemen of UMass. We wish him the best.



research done on Buker's blog