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Morning Orange Juice, 7.22.08

It has come across our desk via the official OSU website that defensive end Victor Butler has been selected as a pre-season cantidate for the Ted Hendricks Defensive End of the Year Award.  Take a look at Victor's profile and stats for more about him. 


You may know that a few OSU baseball players have been spending their summer on the east coast playing baseball in the Cape Co League. Well, Ryan Ortiz is one of them, and he will start the 2008 Cape Cod League All Star Game for the East All Stars. Ortiz will start in left field, a position that he's been playing this summer as well as catcher and first base.


UO defensive back Todd Doxey was remembered with a celebration of life yesterday morning in his hometown of San Diego. Todd drowned in the McKenzie River on July 13. Boyce Garrison has a report from the funeral. Our thoughts and prayers continue to go out to the Doxey family.


Are you worried sick that USC has been losing their offensive production lately? Me too. Conquest Chronicles looks at both the receivers and the running backs as the areas that have declined. Dude, I think you're going to be alright.


Ever heard of scoreboard envy? Rob Mosely, UO beat writer for the Register Guard, enlightens us the Ducks are installing a new video board to replace their old "Duck Vision." Head over to Moseley's blog for all you'd ever want to know. And if you just want to see a picture, click here. I can only imagine the phone conversation between Kilkenny and Knight on this issue:

Kilkenny: Hey Phil, did you hear Oregon State has the biggest video board in the Pac-10?

Knight: Damn. When did that happen?

Kilkenny: I don't know. I heard they actually have to raise money down there. 

Knight: Oh. Well, I just wired you $2 million. Get er done. 

Kilkenny: Thanks, man.

Knight: Alright, later.

<dial tone>


Lastly, if you want to hear UCLA fans argue about the design of their media guide cover, here's the place for you.