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The New York Times ranks OSU #41 in the country

It's good news, I guess.

Oregon State has been taking a beating in NCAA Football previews, and although this isn't GREAT, it's not terrible, either.

Here's a look at where the other Pac-10 teams have been ranked by the New York Times' College Sports Blog:

No. 41: Oregon State 
No. 53: UCLA 
No. 63: Washington 
No. 76: Arizona 
No. 81: Washington State 
No. 90: Stanford

The teams better than #41 are: USC, Cal, Oregon, and Arizona State. 

Put those numbers together, and the NYT is saying that the Beavers will go 5-4 in conference. 

Add in the fact that Utah (#40) and Penn State (?) are higher but Hawaii (#65) is lower, and the Beavers will go 6-6 overall. 

It's better than some of the crap we've been getting recently, I guess.