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Nate Yeskie in as pitching coach? David Wong out? We need more answers.

Brooks Hatch mentioned it at the bottom of his blog post on Friday.

They've been tossing it around on internet message boards.

Nate Yeskie is the new Oregon State volunteer assistant coach.

But wait. Where is David Wong going?

Yeskie comes to Oregon State from UNLV where he was an assistant coach. A paid assistant coach. Why he's giving up his paycheck to volunteer his services doesn't quite make sense. And why he's the guy we want in Corvallis, I don't know either.

Yeskie pitched in the Minnesota Twins organization until injuries ended his playing career. Before that, he was one of the nation's best high school pitchers in 1993 and pitched for UNLV between 1994 and 1996. He has experience coaching at both UNLV and Nevada.

Hopefully, once the paperwork is cleared, Pat Casey will give us some answers. Right now, this seems wishy-washy.