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Afternoon Orange Juice, 7.11.08

Mike Riley and the Oregon State Football program announced their fall practice schedule Wednesday. Twenty-eight practice will take place between August 1 and August 26. The Beavers open the season August 28 in Palo Alto against the Stanford Cardinal. This year's roster has a combined 234 starts with defensive backs Keenan Lewis and Brandon Hughes leading the way with 31 a piece. Practice are open to the public, so if you happen to stop buy for a session or to, tell us about it! I would love to hear your thoughts in the FanPosts section. Head over to to view the fall practice schedule.



Fellow SB Nation Blog Sunday Morning Quarterback released their preview of Penn State yesterday. It's a great preview that might give Phil Steele a run for his money. While you're at it, you can check out SMQ's preview of Cal that was released the other day. And, if you haven't seen it, there's the Oregon State preview too.



In Wednesday's Morning Orange Juice, I told you about the Portland Tribune article on Derek Anderson's return to Scapoose. You can also check out the Oregonian's Aaron Fentress' article on the same subject.


Remember to cast your votes in the opening round of the Moment of the Year tournament. The 1/8 and 4/5 polls will close next Thursday, and the 3/6 and 2/7 polls will close next Friday. As they say, vote early, and vote often! Good luck with that, though. To view all the moment of the year posts, clickity the mouse here.