It is that time of year again and this year EA has implemented stadium sounds into their yearly release of NCAA 09. Why is this important you might ask well it adds to the authenticity of the game and will add more realism to those hardcore dynasty users such as myself to be more immersed into the game. So I am asking all my fellow Beaver fans please help me compile a list of Stadium sounds that the Beavers use for the following situations:


  • Successful Field Goal
  • Successful PAT
  • Successful 2 pt Conversion
  • TD
  • Safety
  • Defense on 3rd down
  • Defense on 4th down
  • Kickoff
  • Timeout called by home team
  • Timeout called by away team
  • Tackle for loss or sack
  • Defensive stop on 3rd down
  • Defensive stop on 4th down
  • Turnover
  • Defense takes the field after a kick return
  • 3rd down conversion successful
  • 4th down conversion successful
  • 1st down conversion on 1st or 2nd down
  • FG missed by opponent
  • Booth review
  • Start of the 4th quarter
  • Penalty on Away team

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