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MOY Opening Round: 4 vs. 5

It's the second poll of the tournament. Yay!

Oregon State wins the Emerald Bowl: San Francisco turned orange for a week, the Beavers won a bowl game, and it was lots of fun for everyone who went. What's there not to like? The game itself was a bit sloppy, but the Beavers prevailed over Maryland, a team we barely knew before the season started. The Beavers have now won four straight bowl games, five of the last six.

Oregon State beats Washington: It's always nice to beat the Huskies. I know many Beaver fans have a deep hatred for the purple and gold, which for me, isn't really there. But still, it was a surreal game that included the Jake Locker injury and the Yvenson Bernard touchdown/fumble. The Beavers eventually came out on top, but it was a lot closer than it should have been, and a lot closer than everyone had hoped.

Vote early, vote often! Once again, defend your answer in the comment section. Voting will end in a week.