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MOY Opening Round: 1 vs. 8

To save space, MOY now stands for "Moment of the Year."

Here's the first poll of the tournament. The two contenders:

OSU wins Civil War: For the last nine years, the home team has won the Civil War. But not this season. With time expiring in regulation, the Ducks failed to ground the ball, forcing their kicking team onto the field with the clock approaching zero. The kicker was rushed, and the extra point fell short. In OT, an Alexis Serna 41-yard field goal sent the game into double OT. In that overtime, it was the infamous James Rodgers fly sweep that put the Beavers on top. Then, it was the Beaver defense shutting down Jonathan Stewart on fourth and one to seal the game.

Gymnasts advance to NCAA's: The #8 ranked gymnastics team put on a dominant showing at the NCAA West Regional, upsetting #5 Michigan to take the title and earn a berth to Nationals. They posted a score of 197.100 on the regional, sweeping the individual awards. The Beavers came in fifth at nationals, but did win the regional championship title for the first time since 1992, the ninth time in school history.

Now... vote! You are encouraged to explain your selection in the comment thread. You'll find my thoughts there.

Voting will close a week from today.