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Beavers survive MLB draft with minimal damage

The MLB draft has to be an uneasy time for any college baseball coaching staff, especially Oregon State's. With all the talent that has been coming in and out of Goss Stadium every year, the Beavers know that they'll have some of their highly talented recruits turning down college careers for Minor League Baseball. But at the same time, some of those players will elect to go to college and turn down large signing bonuses to further their education in the classroom and between the white lines.

The Beavers had five recruits taken in Thursday and Friday's MLB draft, two of them going on Day 1 and the remaining three on Day 2:

  • Niko Vasquez, SS; Las Vegas, NV (91 overall, St. Louis)
  • B.J. Hermsen, RHP; Masonville, Iowa (186 overall, Minnesota)
  • Devin Sheppard, OF; Agoura Hills, CA (St. Louis, 11th round)
  • Carter Bell, 3B/SS; Courtenay, B.C. (San Francisco, 22nd round)
  • Brent Warren, OF; Robbins, Iowa (Oakland, 27th round)

Here's a look at the current and past Beavers who were drafted:

  • Mike Stutes (11th round, Philadelphia)
  • Lonnie Lechelt (21st round, Florida)
  • Chris Hopkins (24th round, Toronto)
  • Mark Grbavac (32nd round, New York Mets)
  • Jordan Lennerton (33rd round, Detroit)
  • Daniel Robertson (33rd round, San Diego)
  • Jason Ogata (38th round, Texas)

The notable non-draftee here is John Wallace. If all goes well, Wallace, Grbavac and Ogata will be back for their senior seasons.

Your draft thoughts below.