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Checking up on the Draftees

It's only been fifteen days since the start of the 2008 MLB Draft, but many of the former Oregon State players that were drafted have started their professional careers. Not all of these players have played a game with their teams yet, but at least we'll get an idea of how they're doing:

Daniel Robertson/ Eugene Emeralds (Padres)

Following in the footsteps of Mitch Canham, Daniel is starting his professional career in the Padres organization with the local Eugene Emeralds. Daniel has played three games with the Ems so far, leading off and playing center field in each of those games. In his professional debut, Robertson went 0-5 with the wooden bat. He has picked up three hits over the last two games, putting him at 3-12 for a .250 average. The Emeralds are in Boise tonight for the fourth game of a five game series.

Mike Stutes/  Williamsport Crosscutters (Phillies)

Stutes signed with the Phillies on the 12th of this month, but has yet to receive a uniform number or playing time according to the Crosscutters official website. 

Chris Hopkins/ Auburn Doubledays (Blue Jays)

Chris has logged two games with the Auburn Doubledays, and is one of the team leaders in batting average already. Through two games and nine at-bats, Chris has four hits and is hitting .444. Hopkins led off and played center field in his first game, then hit second and played left field last night in his second game. The Doubledays have a 3-0 record and will visit the State College Spikes tonight in the first of a three game series.


Lechelt, Ogata, Keller, and Grbavac after the break.

Lonnie Lechelt/ Jamestown Jammers (Marlins)

Lonnie is off to a hot start with the Jamestown Jammers, as he's 5-9 in his first two games for an average of .556. Lechelt hit ninth and played second base in his debut, going 2-for-4 with two runs scored. Last night in his second game, Lonnie led off and played left field, going 3-for-5 with 3 runs scored, a double, a homer, and an RBI. He's played on game in the infield and one in the outfield, but the Jammers have Lechelt listed as an outfielder on their roster. Hopefully this means that Lonnie could turn into a reliable utility player sometime down the road. The Jammers head to Williamsport for the first game of a three game series tonight.

Jason Ogata/ Spokane Indians (Rangers)

The Beavers learned Tuesday that Jason Ogata signed with the Rangers and will forgo his final year of college eligibility. He should be headed to Spokane to play for the Indians, but he isn't listed on the roster yet and hasn't accumulated any stats. We'll keep an eye on Jason's progress as the summer goes on. It will be interesting to see how a player who wasn't good enough to play defensively in college will do in the minors.

Josh Keller/ ?? (Angels)

If he hasn't already, Josh Keller is expected to sign a free agent contract with the Los Angeles Angels and play for the Torrington Twisters. Keller is also expected to forgo his senior season as well.

Mark Grbavac/ ?? (Mets)

Mark's status is still up in the air at this point-- he hasn't signed a contract, but there have been reports that he's been playing in the minor leagues. From what I've heard, he has until August 15 to sign. If he elects not to sign, he can return to Corvallis for his senior season.

If anyone has any information on any of these players, feel free to send it in.