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Reliving the Omaha Dream

The Beavers didn't get a chance to defend their back to back titles this year, we know that. But while this year's field is battling it out in Omaha, we'll take the opportunity to look back at the incredible event that was the 2007 College World Series. Now, I realize that that 2006 trip was just as special, but the fact that I made the epic pilgrimage to Omaha for the 2007 championship made it extra special for me, and gives me the perspective to narrate this story.


Here's what the schedule looks like so far. I may add some extra posts as I see fit:

  • 6/15/08: OSU vs. Cal State Fullerton
  • 6/17/08: OSU vs. Arizona State
  • 6/20/08: OSU vs. UC Irvine
  • 6/23/08: OSU vs. North Carolina Game 1
  • 6/24/08: OSU vs. North Carolina Game 2

I hope you'll join in as we take a look back at Oregon State's second national championship run.