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OSU vs. Portland Game 3 Resumption Open Thread

After the original rain postponement and several re-schedulings, the Beavers and Pilots plan to get together today at 4pm at Goss Stadium at Coleman Field to resume the game that started April 15.

The Beavers hold a 3-0 lead entering the bottom of the fourth. James Nygren is the pitcher of record so far in the game, having thrown three scoreless innings. Jason Ogata already has two hits and a RBI, and Daniel Robertson also drove in a run. 

This might be a good game to test out the golf bag theory. We've already got three innings behind us, now we just need to finish out the last six. The "starter" is still to be determined, by my guess is the coaches will throw a younger guy like Josh Keller, Josh Osich, Sitton, Starr, or maybe even go back to Nygren. Hard to tell at this point.

Once again, the game resumes at 4:00 p.m. If you'll be listening to the game on the radio, chime in here with comments. If you'd rather go enjoy the game in person, I should remind you that admission is free.