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Sports Performance Center Officailly Open for Business

The old saying goes that championships are won in the offseason. That's debatable, but anyone who has ever played football knows that physical toughness is one of the most important aspects of football, and any sport for that matter. You get better in the weight room.

And Oregon State's weight room just got better.

The Sports Performance Center, called "SPC" for short, was once called the "Gill Annex". It now has a new name, and it comes as the final part of the $115 million second phase of the "Raising Reser" campaign.

Not only does the 20,000 square foot facility house a new, state of the art weight room, it also has an indoor track for speed and agility drills, new sound and video systems (look at this film... you got beat. now hit the squat rack), and a practice facility for the wrestling team. I believe that practices facilities for basketball will be added in the near future.

"When the coaching staff brings recruits on campus they are going to be shocked at that weight room," Parnell Booth said.  "That facility is a big selling point for Oregon State."

Not only is the equipment state of the art, but the weight room has now increased in sheer size. Now multiple sports can use the facility at once comfortably. And it's now out of the Valley Football Center.


We've been told that more improvements are on the way. Bobby D and his team are in the process of developing plans for a remodel of Gill's exterior, a new boathouse, a track, and a Student Success Center.

Think about it. Oregon State now possesses a great football venue in Reser Stadium, an excellent indoor facility that all sports can use in the Traux Center, a baseball stadium that's in the process of a major overhaul, the Valley Football Center, as well as other facilities for the other sports, and now, the Sports Performance Center.