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Spring Game Eve

Believe it or not, the Spring Game is tomorrow. I haven't talked much about football this spring, partially because I'm don't really get pumped up about football until August. There's just something weird about saliviating for a month over something that's over 100 days away, then forgetting about it for a few months between spring ball and fall practice.

Anyway, I know there are many of you out there who are the opposite of me. You crave spring practices. So this thread is yours.

Stuart Mandel ranks the Beavers as the 18th team in the nation in his latest Power Rankings, which somewhat surprised me. I mean, the Beavers do return a proven starter at QB, an All-American WR, a soon to be All-American WR, and remnants of a nation-leading defense, but still. I didn't expect as much respect in the pre-season. Here's a look at the profile Mandel had for Oregon State:

Tomorrow morning I'll post a link dump of stories from around the internet as we get ready for the 2008 Spring Game, which gets underway at 1:00.