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Pat Casey makes us feel better about his future

Just a few days removed from being quoted as saying "sometimes you need new challenges", Kerry Eggers of the Portland Tribune has the story we all want to read.

Something told me that Pat didn't really mean what he said two days ago. After all, user " Charles Barkley McLovin" is right: Pat Casey is Oregon State Baseball. How could he leave us?

Even though Pat played off most of the attention brought towards his comments about leaving the program, Pat said that the next few weeks will be "busy ones", with things left to do like "getting our players through school, visiting with (high school and JC) players we’ve signed, [and] recruiting younger kids."

After that, Pat will take some needed time off to reflect on his tenure at Oregon State. 

Pat did tell Eggers the following, which has to sit well with Beaver Nation:

"My name is linked to jobs (in which) I’ve never talked to anyone about," he said. "That’s the thing that’s easy to defuse when you talk to recruits. I’ve never talked to Auburn or South Carolina. The only job I’ve ever looked into was Notre Dame (two years ago), and I don’t ever want to go through that again. I don’t care for the publicity or it being in the paper. I’m not trying to gain leverage for my job here. I’m well-paid and I love coaching at Oregon State. We’ve got a good thing going here."

That certainly makes me feel better. I know Pat wouldn't be the kind of guy to ditch Oregon State for another school. Hopefully he regains the energy he needs to guide next year's team back towards Omaha.