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Wear your pajamas inside out... Say your prayers.... whatever it takes. Tomorrow is going to be a good day.

Hopefully we're all breathing easier about Oregon State's odds at  qualifying for a regional now that the sweep of Pacific is out of the way and several NCAA tournament predictions around the internet have shown Oregon State as being one of the last teams to get in the tournament. We'll take a look at those in just a second, but if you are one of those pessimists out there who thinks Oregon State is done for, watch this video:

See? Anything is possible.

Now, on to some predictions:  has the Beavers going to Ann Arbor as a #3 seed in a regional with Michigan,  Eastern Michigan, and Florida. I'd take that.



Also, Baseball America's Aaron Fitt also has the Beavers making the tournament. He sees us going as a #4 seed in the Conway, S.C. regional (host team: Coastal Carolina). The winner of that regional has a potential date with North Carolina in the Super Regionals, which would be interesting.

Aaron has the Beavers as the last at-large team to make the tournament, which is the same exact position we were in last year, if that rumor is official. I know that we have a completely different team this year, but it's still ironic to think that we won the National Championship as the last team in the field of 64 a year ago.

I think people are starting to see what Oregon State baseball has been all about this year. We've played a very strong schedule, and won series against Georgia, Pepperdine, Arizona, Arizona State, and UCLA. Those series wins make our resume look better than any of the other bubble teams, which could help us sneak in.

I'll see ya'll in the morning.