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Sunday Weather Forecast

We need a sweep of Pacific to even be considered by the NCAA selection committee, which means we NEED to get today's game in. At my house in the Portland area we're been getting rained on for about the last half hour, but in Corvallis, it looks like they're taking batting practice with no problems:



Various weather forecasts are calling for a "chance of light showers", which basically means we could be in for a wet game. The coaches know this is an important game, so they'll have a greater rain tolerance today. Hopefully the outfield grass as well as the mound and plate areas hold up and allow us to get the game in.



Not good.

If you listened or watched yesterday's game, you'll remember that as the rain started to fall the Beavers started to go downhill. Hopefully the Beavers can play well through the rain today and hold off Pacific.