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Casey on the fence?

Cliff Kirkpatrick broke the story late last night that Pat Casey might not return to coach the Baseball team next year. 

If you ask me I would say no way, but Casey's quotes might change your mind. Here's what Pat told the Gazette-Times:

"It's a little bit difficult to think about it," Casey said of the season. "I’m extremely tired, more than any year I’ve been here. Who knows what life will bring anybody at any one time. I’ve sure enjoyed the hell out of coaching these guys. We’ve done a lot of great things."

It should be noted that Pat still has eight years left on a 10-year contract signed in 2006 after the first national title. However, contracts can be bought out.

"Our stadium is going to be the best in the conference," Casey said. "Our crowds are the best in the country. We won two national championships and went to the College World Series three times in a row. We have the No. 3 recruiting class coming in. So, this is going to be a great, great program for a long, long time no matter who does it. I’m proud of that."

Then, Pat dropped this hint about what he wants to do with the rest of his coaching career:

"And sometimes you need new challenges," Casey said. "Everybody knows that there are a lot of openings around the country, and I’ve been called a lot about them."

Does that mean Pat is looking to move to another college baseball program? Mississippi State seems to be calling . Or what about the major leagues? What kind of manager do you think Pat would make?

All are questions to consider.

Again, the Gazette-Times has the full article.