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OSU vs. USC Game 2 Thoughts

There's not much to say about this game other than the Beavers beat themselves for the second game in a row. They've now lost the series to to Trojans, and with only one Pac-10 game remaining, the Beavers need a win to finish at .500. Now, if you remember back to last year's National Championship run, you'll recall that the Beavers finished sixth in their conference with a losing Pac-10 record. So basically, from this point on, the Beavers control their own destiny. Which path are they going to take?


Are the Beavers going to continue on the blue path, or shift into a new gear and take the green path?

You can vote below.

My apologies for the lack of game analysis, but it just didn't seem worth it for this game. Jorge did have a good outing yesterday though. But that doesn't matter now, we need a win today!