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OSU Baseball and DeMarini


Many people know that the bat-maker DeMarini is based in the Portland area, and many people know that the Beavers swing DeMarini bats. But few know the ins and outs of these deadly weapons.

DeMarini makes baseball and softball bats for all ages. Their two top-of-the-line models for baseball are the Voodoo and the CF3, both used by Oregon State players. You'll find that most players swing Voodoo's, and the only player who I have ever seen swing a CF3 is Joey Wong. But both bats are still equally good for their own reasons.

DeMarini releases bats like car companies release cars. It's May of 2008, but the 2009 models are already out.  Some players are still swinging 2008 models, but most have moved up to the 2009's. Let's introduce the bats now.

The Voodoo Family

The Voodoo bat is DeMarini's ace-- their cleanup hitter, if you will. It has a Pitch Black Handle for strength and optimum flex, plus their exclusive SC4 Alloy. It also utilizes half and half technology, which basically means the bat has a larger sweet spot with reduced vibration on off center hits.

"Voodoo Black" 2009:


Voodoo 2008:


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The CF3 Family

The CF3 is a sweet bat used primarily by Joey Wong. There may be some other players who use this bat as well, but I'm not aware of them. The CF3 seems to be built more for more speed with it's Doublewall Composite barrel.

"CF3 Black" 2009:


CF3 2008:


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So, there you have it. The keys to Oregon State's offensive success over the last few years.

Well, no, not really. While the ever changing technology in bats keeps teams at the top of their game, it's the one who's holding the bat that makes the difference. Oregon State might not have gotten to Omaha without the DeMarini's, but they never would have gotten to Omaha without coaches like Pat Casey, Marty Lees, David Wong, and  (the new addition) Pat Bailey. Bails has taken over the offensive aspect of the game this year, and is doing a great job.

Keep 'em pingin'!