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Baseball America predicts Oregon State will go to Baton Rouge as a #3 seed

Oregon State still has eight games left on their schedule, and until those eight games are completed and the Selection Committee selects the field of 64 teams, we won't know where the Beavers are headed for post-season play. But in the meantime, it's always interesting to see where different media outlets project the Beavers to go for the NCAA Regionals.

The most recent release comes from Baseball America, who predicts the Beavers are headed to Baton Rouge, Louisiana as a #3 seed. 


The chances of Baseball America correctly picking the site where OSU will go is very unlikely, but the prediction of Oregon State going as a three seed is more meaningful to me. It means that Oregon State is in the 32-48 range, which seems pretty accurate after the loss to Utah Valley State.

In the grand scheme of things this doesn't mean much, but it's nice to see how we currently stand.