Utah Valley Game 1 Recap

Since I wasn't in much of a mood for posting a recap after yesterday's game one loss to Utah Valley (who would want to read that?), here's a link to one for those who are interested. It's from Cliff K. of the Gazette Times.

Hangovers are hard to cure, even when you know it’s coming.

The Oregon State baseball team came off a dramatic victory over UCLA on Sunday to claim a crucial Pacific-10 Conference series, and then went through Monday with a headache that grew as the night went on.

Utah Valley took advantage of OSU’s sluggish play to claim an 11-6 nonconference upset before a crowd of 1,264 in Goss Stadium.

“I’m not stunned at all,” coach Pat Casey said. “We got our butt kicked in every aspect of the game. We shouldn’t this late in the year. We played like we had a hangover from a lot of things. We shouldn’t come out flat at all.”

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