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Open Thread: OSU vs. Cal, Game 3

The Beavers are now just trying to salvage a Sunday win against the Cal Bears who are turning out to be a very good baseball team. Cal won Games 1 and 2 primarily with strong pitching, and Oregon State couldn't capitalize on opportunities to punish Cal for their mistakes. Instead, Oregon State made the mistakes, and Cal is up 2-0 in the series.

On the mound for the Beavers is... Jorge Reyes. Jorge has been struggling as of late, a topic I talked about briefly in yesterday's open thread. I think that Jorge needs a couple of good performances to start to get to the level he was at last year, and hopefully that starts sooner rather than later. We need Jorge to be a reliable Saturday starter, as the Beavers have Stanford, Arizona, and Arizona State coming up in the next three weeks. Jorge is 1-1 on the season with a 8.88 ERA.

Oregon State's lineup:

Hopkins - CF
Tommasini - 2B
Ogata - DH
Ortiz - C
George - 3B
Wallace - LF
Robertson - RF
Nash - 3B
Wong - SS

Reyes - P