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Cal Game 1 Thoughts

I didn't get to listen to this game live at all, but I skimmed through some parts of the archived radio broadcast to get a general idea of what went on in the game. Those of you who listened along, feel free to help me out here.

  • Tyson Ross. From what I understand, the Bears' junior righty was red-hot. He pitched seven full innings, allowing seven hits on two runs with nine strikeouts. He only allowed the Beavers seven hits, which is good for Oregon State considering that Tyson had given up eleven hits on the year over the course of 25 innings. Even though the Beavers got their share of hits, they couldn't capitalize. The Beavers left ten men on base during Tyson's time on the hill, and thirteen the entire game.
  • Offense. It seems like it was one of those games where the Beavers got the hits they needed, but they didn't get them at the right times. The Beavers left the bases loaded twice, and left two men on in an inning once. In the fifth, the Beavers got the bases loaded with two outs and Daniel Robertson struck out looking to end the innings. In the eighth, down three runs, the Beavers loaded the bases with two outs to have Jason Ogata ground out to short.
  • Beaver Pitching. Mike Stutes did his job in this one, going seven innings and only giving up two earned runs. Three of the five runs that scored while Stutes was one the hill were unearned, all three of those unearned runs involving a past ball by catcher Ryan Ortiz.
Overall, it was just a day where pitching was solid by both sides, but Cal got just enough offensive production to win the game. One or two timely hits by the Beavers, and this game could have gone the other way. The good news is that the Beavers wont see Tyson Ross again in the season, and Oregon State can still win the series. To have a shot at that, they'll need to win today against what is a very talented Cal team.

Again, any of you who listened to this game feel free to chime in with anything I didn't touch on.