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Gonzaga Series Wrap: That sucked

After winning series' against Arizona State and Arizona, the mid-week trip to Gonzaga was supposed to be a tune-up before heading to Wazzu to try and creep up the Pac-10 standings. The Beavers are starting to reappear in many people's top 25 rankings, but now, two midweek losses to Gonzaga does not help the Beavers' stock prices.

First, the linescore from Game 1:

Next, the linescore from Game 2:

James Nygren started Game 1, followed by seven other Beaver pitchers. Kevin Rhoderick blew the save in the bottom of the eighth inning when the Zags went off for six runs.

Josh Osich went in Game 2 and threw three complete innings. Greg Peavey thew for four plus innings in the middle, and Blake Keitzman recorded the final two outs.

The Oregon State coaching staff will tell you that the Beavers should have won both games, but superstition tells us that maybe these losses are a good thing. Although the Beavers non-conference record and playoff stock drops with the losses, the Beaver have dropped games to Gonzaga in each of the past two seasons, and gone on to win National Championships.

So take it for what it's worth.