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Billy Grier Hiring (?)/ OSU Coaching Search Open Thread

I've got a crazy day ahead of me on the non-Beaver front, which will make it nearly impossible to post if and when something happens on the OSU Basketball coaching front.

It sounds like Billy Grier will be the guy and that it's almost all but official. The San Diego Union-Tribune says that the Beavers have talked to Grier and there's been no offer yet, but it sounds like he will be offered a six year, 4.2 million dollar deal. Buker says that the job is Grier's if he wants it, but has he taken it? Sounds like it, but we're still waiting for confirmation. While we're waiting, here is 49 precious seconds of Grier's offense:

If anything new develops today, here's the place to post it. I'll be back in the P.M.