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Stanford Game 1 Thoughts

I didn't get to listen to the whole game, but here is what I picked up on. Anything I forgot, feel free to add in the thread.

  • The Long Ball... Five homers were hit in the game, including three by Beavers. Ryan Ortiz hit his fourth of the season, Drew George hit his third, and Lennerton went deep for the second time of the season. Stanford had two homers in the game, both three run shots. Those homers accounted for their run production in the first and fifth innings, and that's how Stanford got back in the game. The Cardinal added three more in the sixth, putting the Beavers down three.
  • Defense... No errors!
  • Pitching... Mike Stutes got torn up a bit by the Stanford lineup, but without two home run balls, Mike has a great day. He gave up seven run on six hits in his five and one third innings.

On to Game 2...