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Game 3 Notes: UW 6, OSU 4

In the game that will go down as "the one that got away", the Beavers gave away the game in the late innings and lost the opportunity to sweep a series they should have swept. As assistant head coach Marty Lees said, "We need to sweep the Huskies because we're better than them".

It didn't happen on Sunday afternoon due to a "mixed bag" of weather, defense, offense, and pitching. The Beavers held the lead for many of the early innings, but the Huskies took their first lead of the series in the top of the third with two runs that came immediately after a throwing error by Drew George. From there, two walks, a past ball, a wild pitch and a base hit led to three more Husky runs. The sixth and final run came in the eighth after a bunt single, a couple walks, and a sac fly. So if you break it down, all six Husky runs were preventable. Now, I know you can look at any game and find excuses for why runs scored, but in this one, it boils down to walks and sloppy defense. I know that we should be happy with a 2/3 outing against the Huskies, but it's hard to feel good about it when you know you're the better team and you basically handed the opponent a freebie after playing them tough on the first two games.

Anywho, life goes on. The Beavers are back on the diamond today, with a non-conference game against Portland before they head to Berkeley. More on that game will come later in the day.