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Q&A with Washington Husky Sports

While we're waiting for the rain to pass, take a look at these questions I exchanged with John, a UW blogger from Washington Husky Sports.

Building the Dam: If you could change one thing that would bring instant improvement in one specific area of the Huskies this year, what would it be?

Washington Husky Sports: I think our the biggest problem with the program is the lack of a real baseball stadium. We have one, and it is half built, still no permanent stands. Once that is finally completed the program should be able to compete with anyone. When you go to Corvallis you can't miss the nice baseball stadium. Great facilities attract great talent.

Building the Dam: Who is the one player you're glad is a Husky?

Washington Husky Sports:I think Troy Scott is a very good looking first baseman with pro potential. Jake Locker will eventually play baseball at UW, and when he does, look out.

Building the Dam: The Huskies are riding an 11 game winning streak, but they haven't exactly had the most challenging non-conference schedule. Do you think playing an easier non-conference schedule has allowed the Huskies to gel as a team? The win streak would suggest that head coach Ken Knutson has something right.

Washington Husky Sports: Baseball has always been an afterthought at UW. I think the early wins are nice, but as you saw this weekend the better teams like OSU won't have a problem with the Huskies this year. UW won't be much of a threat against the talent rich Pac Ten teams.

Building the Dam: Pitching and Defense, two things that Oregon State has excelled at in past years, are the weaknesses so far this season. Does Washington's offense have the capability to make Oregon State's defense and pitching really pay?

Washington Husky Sports: I don't think so, we have a young team, and we don't have talent like we did a couple of years ago when Linnecum was on the roster. I think OSU will go deep again this year after they get some experience. Northwest teams usually don't win early against national competition, but they pick up the slack later in the season when it counts. That being said look for OSU to finish strong.

Thanks, John! Good luck.