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Friday Morning Quick Hits

It's been a grueling week for yours truly, which explains the lack of NCAA tournament coverage (yeah, there's a pretty big basketball tournament going on right now) and OSU coaching search coverage. After today, things will start flowing again as we near Spring Break. Here are a couple things that are happening around the OSU Baseball team that you should know about:

Mike Stutes had a perfect game going through four innings yesterday against Pepperdine when the game was called due to rain. Oregon State was leading 3-0. It was the home opener for the Beavers, who have mostly been playing away from home up to this point due to the Goss construction.

The game will be completed this afternoon at 2:00 p.m. Game 2 of the series will be played upon the completion of the 2:00 game, and that should be sometime around 5:00 p.m.

You may have heard, but two current Beavers were arrested on accusations of shooting rifle bullets that struck a neighboring house and car. The two players were Jorge Reyes and John Wallace, two players who were key to Oregon State's 2007 CWS Title. They will be suspended for the Pepperdine series.



PS: How does your bracket look? I'm 14/16 through the first day.