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Beavers heading home after loss to Arizona in the tourney

When asked about the Beavers chances to win a game in the Pac-10 tournament, Marcel Jones responded with: "I think it's a great opportunity, and I like the fact people don't give us a chance.''

Well buddy, nobody gave you a chance, and you didn't have a chance.

As if the Beavers haven't been involved in enough records this year, the Wildcats set a Pac-10 first half scoring record with 59 points, breaking UCLA's 58 point first half performance from 1987.

In fact, Arizona scored the first seven points, lead 4-23, 40-12, 54-17, and you get the idea. The Wildcats went on to win 87-56. The Beavers actually outscored the Arizona bench in the second half,  35-28. The Wildcats will move on to play Stanford tonight at the Staples Center. Stanford won both games this season.

Lathen Wallace led the Beavers with 19 points off the bench. Calvin Haynes scored ten, and Marcel Jones had seven. Marcel led the Beavers on the glass with 12 rebounds, tying his Pac-10 conference high.