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OSU's 2008 Recruiting Class


Jacquizz Rodgers. Everyone knows his older brother, and everyone has heard he's supposed to be faster. He broke the Texas state record with 136 touchdowns his Senior season at Lamar Consolidated High School in Richmond, Texas. He rushed for 8,245 yards in his high school career. Crunch the numbers, and you'll find that Jacquizz rushed for an average of 60.6 yards per touchdown during his HS career...

Simi Kuli. Rated a five star Defensive End by the recruiting websites. Defensive Coordinator Mark Banker spoke at the recruiting dinner about how Simi has LSU, Kansas, and all the other schools he visited to thank for the five star rating. Banker said that by the time he gets to Oregon State, he'll be a three star athlete. But that's what Oregon State football is all about. Turning little-known guys into All-Americans. Simi, at 6-4, 270, will be a load on the defensive line out of El Camino CC. Oh by the way, he's the cousin of former Oregon DT Haloti Ngata.

Keynan Parker. This guy is quick. Really quick. He's the son of former Wake Forest and Canadian Football player James "Quick" Parker. See a trend here? Kenyan is out of British Columbia, Canada, and James Rodgers is happy he will have someone else to run the fly sweep with this year. Kenyan recently won gold medals in the B.C./Yukon Canadian Legion Nationals in the 100 and 200 meters.

The Recruiting Class as a Whole:

The coaches talk a lot about family when they recruit these players, we know that. While we may not be getting the best athletes, we're getting guys who want to be Beavers, enjoy Corvallis, and feel a connection with the team. Take Simi Kuli for example. He visited LSU, He visited other big time schools on the eastern side of the country. When he came to Corvallis, he knew he had found home. His mom would be able to come support him, which was a huge deal for her. He knew he'd be able to make friends in Corvallis with both players and coaches. And he knew he'd be able to be a part of a great team. Same thing goes for Jacquizz. Oregon State was the first school that showed interest. Other schools came knocking later in the process, but Jacquizz felt a special bond with OSU. Having his brother enrolled only helps the cause. Long story short, both guys are at the top of our recruiting class.

Position wise, I think we have a lot of voids filled with the defensive line. This group is full of speed, which Oregon State thrived on last year, and will look to strive on again this year.

Here's the most recent list of letters of intent:

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